Questions and Answers

Q – What is your current Ofsted rating?
A – On 7th October 2016 the Clock Tower setting was graded 'Outstanding'. Please ask for a full copy of the report or click here. As at 11th December 2017 we are proud to say that Iwade is also now graded 'Outstanding'. Please ask for a full copy of the report or click here.

Q – What is your settling in procedure?
A – Generally we find children settle better when parents do not stop however we are more than happy to plan an individual settling in period for the children.

Q – Do children need to be potty trained?
A – No, we will work with you to potty train.

Q – What do we have to bring to nursery with our child?
A – A labelled bag with spare clothes, nappies if needed.

Q – What is your sickness policy?
A – The full policy can be found in the policy folder. Children should not return within 48 hours following a sickness bug.

Q – What is the ratio of children to staff?
2 – 3 years of age = 1:4
3 – 4 years of age = 1:8
We currently employ 11 members of staff who work full time and up to 36 children attend each session.

Q – Are all staff police checked and trained?
A – All staff and volunteers are police checked. Qualifications at present:

Q – How do we pay our fees?
A – Fees can be paid weekly, monthly or termly. We accept cash or cheques. We also accept various childcare vouchers. We request that you do not get in arrears with the fees.

Q – Do you accept government funded places?
A – The government provide free child places to all children from the term after their 3rd birthday. Some two year olds are able to access funding. Please visit to see all options of funding.

Q – What if I am late picking up my child from nursery?
A – We accept that delays can be unavoidable on occasion. Generally we do not charge for the first 10 minutes, time after this will be charged at £3.00 per five minutes.

Q – What happens if my child has a food allergy or special dietary requirements?
A – We try to accommodate all dietary requirements; the setting aims to be a ‘nut free zone’.

Q – How often do the children go outdoors?
A – Children have access to outside throughout the day. They also visit local parks, go for walks around the local area and go on bus trips with your permission. We are great believers of outdoor play whatever the weather.

Q – What should my child wear to nursery?
A- We do have nursery t-shirts and jumpers that can be purchased however this is not compulsory. Please do not send them in their best clothes, we do get messy

Q – What if English is not my child’s first language?
A – We work closely with parents to meet the children’s needs and will ensure we make your child feel at ease and confident with dual languages.